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How to Choose the Best Name For PUBG Like a Pro Gamer

When you are a pro player, but your names are straightforward like your actual name and looking for dangerous PUBG Pnames, this article will inspire you some cool and acceptable […]

Ultimate Guide on Download Pubg Lite PC

The craze of online gaming is increased from the last two years. Not that talk before its many games are running online through the internet but this ( Pubg Lite […]

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How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

You might be thinking that PUBG mobile game is a mobile game, how to play PUBG on PC. In a very easy way, you can run the PUBG game on […]

How to Get PUBG Chicken Dinner

The Pubg game is a tremendous game. It is a much faster and realistic game than other games. In this game, when we win the game, we get a reward, […]

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Ultimate Guide on Download Pubg PC on Steam

PUBG PC is a multi-player game. The PUBG PC game is the first game of PUBG company that became a top-rated game then did other versions such as the PUBG […]


How to play 4 VS 4 MATCH – Ultimate Guide

PUBG Lite PC – New Contents 4vs4 Match Here is the 4 vs 4 tabs in-game lobby screen as you can see above. There is also a change button. This option […]

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How to Change Name in PUBG Step by Step

Everyone wants a good name and good gameplay in the Pubg game. Many times you must have seen that people whose gameplay is good but their username is not so […]

pubg mobile vs pc

How to Make PUBG Run Better: Play and Win PUBG

Pubg is the most known game on earth. So everyone wants to play this game. But they are facing a lot of problems like frame drops lag and many more. […]