With the update of Minecraft 1.20, the game has taken another evolutionary journey by welcoming an exciting and alluring character to its list of mobs; sniffer Minecraft. The list of Minecraft mobs has received a brand new addition. Further, we are going to talk about the sniffer which is a new dinosaur. Plus, introducing this character, has unlocked a bunch of great items in the game. If you love to play Minecraft games, then the article would be informational for you.  Therefore, reading this article till the end is essential to ponder reading. Hence, stay nearby with this article to get to know each and everything related to sniffer. Let’s dive in and figure out everything while we provide you with information, shall try to intricate as much as we can maybe do. Roll yourself into it and continue reading.

Who is the sniffer?

A sniffer is a large secretive creature in the world of Minecraft. Further, it looks almost ancient and dinosaur-like in nature. Along with a large signature nose. Sniffer is the first ancient mob to be added to the game and has unique capabilities. Unlike any other Minecraft mobs. Further, these items can be used to grow amazing flowers that have been extinct for a long time. It is a block that can be fleecy out of doubtful sand in warm ocean shells or acquired by breeding two sniffers.

Behaviours of Sniffer Minecraft

Sniffers are an extremely reflexive mob in nature. Plus, it won’t harm the player not even when attacked. Furthermore, as far as the behaviour goes, they will avoid obstacles such as water, fire, lava, and non-climbable blocks. It will not only drop one to three experience points and no loot when killed. Evidently, it’s best to employ these passive mobs’ natural abilities and sort them for experience instead of hurting them. However, despite being the biggest mob in the game, the sniffer only has 14 health points, equal to seven player hearts.

Where to find a Sniffer Minecraft?

Sniffers are one of the few mobs in Minecraft that don’t spawn naturally. Actually, players will have to scout out a sniffer egg to access it into a baby sniffer. A sniffer egg can be accessed promptly by placing it into a swamp block. It can be dug from suspicious sand in a warm ocean ruins location. Use archaeological tools like the brush. It can be hard to spot, therefore, keep your eyes peeled.

Understanding the sniffer’s basic properties

Despite its huge size, it has 14 points equal to seven player hearts. He is a moderate huge in the heart of the Minecraft world. When it comes to vulnerability to damage, the sniffer, inappropriately, doesn’t have any exact defences or superior talents. Unlike another passive mobs, it’s exposed to traditional dangers such as fire, lava, and fall damage. In addition, meanwhile, its eggs are born in the ocean, it is not aquatically modified and can sink or suffocate.

Interaction and drops

As a passive mob, the sniffer is pleasant and non-aggressive, even in the face of misfortune. After that, it will not hit back if attacked. Certainly, it preserves its quiet demeanour even when in danger. In terms of its collaboration with another mob, it doesn’t get any special treatment. Actually, the sniffer is not without rewards, however, if you are patient enough, you may receive 1-3 experience points from the sniffer. But this only occurs around 10% of the time. Regardless of the limited loot, we applaud patience and fostering rather than extreme action.

What does sniffer do in Minecraft?

By focusing on mob behaviour, it travels around the world of Minecraft pointlessly. Evidently, it deliberately sidesteps any obstacles including water fire, lava, and non-climbable blocks. Meanwhile, the sniffer smells it’s nearby and melodramatically moves its nose everywhere. After that, the sniffer sits on all fours and places its head underground. After a while, it pulls out ancient seeds from the ground. Subsequently, you can pick up the seeds as an item and pitch them on the farmland to obtain an exclusive plant.

How to use sniffer to find seeds?

The main use of the sniffers in Minecraft is to find prehistoric seeds. Plus, they do this by travelling around until they find a 6×6 space involving of one or more of the following topics.

Coarse Dirt


Grass Block

Moss Block


Muddy Mangrove Roots


Rooted Dirty

How to ride a sniffer in Minecraft?

If you want to ride a sniffer, then follow some steps that are provided below

First of all, make sure that your game is in creative mode

Look for an adult sniffer and halt near it

Then press T to open up the game console

Enter the command ride and click on the enter option

Sniffer Minecraft
Sniffer Minecraft

Final thoughts

Sniffer’s character is truly a remarkable creature in Minecraft. Evidently, it is one of the two mobs that is introduced in the update of Minecraft. Minecraft is a universe of endless possibilities full of unique experiences. Plus, the recent new addition of the sniffer has broadened the horizons of this limitless world. Surely, we have dived deep into this world, and unveiled its properties in detail. This brings us to the end of this article. If you have this extreme far by reading and found it informational then let us know with your comments. Toddles!