You Tube has become a great platform in last few years. Many new faces got introduced through this platform. It is a great source of income as well as the creators easily gets a platform through which they can show their talent and many more creations in which they are expert. We are talking about all these things because our today’s point of attraction is armaan malik youtuber. You might have heard about him. He is a well known personality in India. He has a great number of subscriber on You Tube. His social media accounts also have a good number of followers. Armaan is a social media influencer and he is always active on social media. Not only him but his wives are also active on social media and both of his wives are creators on You Tube.

Armaan Malik was born on 15th December 1988. As of now he is 35 years old and he will be 36 in the month of December 2024. His life has been very interesting as most of you have seen him in his videos. As being a great personality we thought it would be interesting to write on him and you will also be interested in reading an article based on him. So we did the research and we are here with our article. So let’s move ahead in this article with more vital details.       

Physical Stats: Armaan Malik Youtuber

As you have already seen him in his videos and if not then let us inform you that he is a fitness freak. He made a lot of videos while working out in the gym. So it is necessary to know about his physical stats. Armaan Malik YouTuber stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches. His body weight is 82kg. Armaan hair colour is black. Moreover, his eyes are brown in colour. He also has tattoos on his body. Armaan got some rare unique tattoo on one of his forearm.

The tattoo reflects nautical compasses. Along with that the name of her first wife and the name of her second wife twice is also written on the tattoo. Moreover, the name of her son is also there in the tattoo. The name of her first wife is written on his right wrist. This is the another tattoo of Armaan. The right bicep is covered with a tattoo of a grim reaper. This is the third and last tattoo of Armaan Malik. That’s all about his physical features. Now let’s move to another information of him.     

Family and Relations: Armaan Malik Youtuber

Now let’s have a look on his family. Armaan has a great happy family. He has two wives. The name of her fist wife is Payal Malik. Before marrying to Armaan her name was Payal Sharma. Armaan got married to Payal in 2011. Then in 2018 he got married to his second wife. The name of his second wife is Kritika Malika. His elder son name is Chirayu Malik. Chirayu is the son of Armaan and Payal Malik. The name of his second son is Zaid Malik. He got his second son from his second wife Kritika Malik. Ziad was born on 6th April 2023.

Then her first wife Payal gave birth to twins. One was a boy whose name is Ayaan Malik. The other one is a girl whose name is Tuba Malik. Their date of birth is 26th April 2023. There is nothing much about his parents available or shared by him. His parents are no more. Armaan’s mother passed away after surviving from cancer. Moreover, he also has one older brother named Kuldeep. Along with that Armaan also have 2 sisters. Even after having two wives the environment in his family is positive and happy.

Academic Career

Armaan Malik Youtuber education is not shared or revealed by him. So there is nothing much available about it

Professional Life: Armaan Malik Youtuber

He is a social media influencer. Armaan Malik Youtuber is a You Tuber and he makes videos related to fitness and workouts. Along with these vidoes he also creates vlogs in which he includes some daily routine, some gossips and conversation of his family, and some travel vlogs. He is also active on social media where he makes some reels and also give some updates about him and about his work.

Car Collection: Armaan Malik Youtuber

He is a hobbyist when it comes to cars. Armaan Malik has a good collection of cars. He owns a Mini Cooper. Armaan also have one BMW X5. He also has one Mahindra XUV500. Moreover, Armaan owns one Jeep Wrangler and one BMW M6. This shows that he is a great car lover.

Net Worth

His you tube subscribers and views are damn good. Armaan Malik Youtuber earns a good income from his social media. So according to the reports his total networth is around RS.20 CRORES.

Armaan Malik Youtuber
Armaan Malik Youtuber


Laslty, we want to say that he did hard work for all the success he is having nowadays. Even after having two wives he maintained a great peace and joy in his family. He is motivating people for fitness from a long period of time.


  • Armaan Malik real name is Sandeep
  • His nickname is Guddu
  • He converted his religion form Hindu to a Muslim
  • Armaan was born in Hisar, Haryana
  • His blood group is O Positive
  • He is a Sagittarius
  • Armaan owns 3 BHK flat
  • He also bought a Villa recently
  • Not only this along with these properties he is also an owner of a gym