If you are a strategy game fan, then War and Order is a must-check-out game for you. This strategy game is filled with action and warfare, where you have to conquer and build an empire by training and upgrading your army. Built around the medieval period, this game has some glorious characters to train and fight with kings and knights.

One of the major drawbacks of strategy games is the upgrade time required, which makes the players wait longer and longer, and finally, they lose interest in the game. This issue is well addressed in War and Order. Users get a seven minutes free timer for upgrades where they need not spend any gems or anything.

Alliance and its Use

War and Order is an alliance-based game; therefore, you can invite your friends to join the clan, build your empire together, and have fun. Your friends can also help with the upgrade timer. For each member in your alliance, you get a minute less to upgrade your army; this means the larger the alliance, the less the upgrade time. So this makes the game more interesting and fast-paced.

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You can borrow or lend resources or troops to your clan members and help them fight and conquer. It also has a simple in-game chat room where you can socially interact with your alliance members and talk about strategies and other requirements to build your empire. Then there is this innovative feature called rallying the troops, which helps you raise troops for the fight not only from your alliance members but also from outside people interested in the fight.

In-game Purchases

There are a few in-game purchases available as well. The main mode of currency in the game is the gems, which allows you to boost upgrade times and buy resources. You can buy gems and other resource packages which will help to build your civilization and upgrade your army.

This game has soothing yet attractive graphics that do not disappoint you. With some cool real-time battles and new interesting strategies to defeat your enemy, this game has it all that a strategy game requires.

How To Play War and Order on Windows

Many of the gamers want to enjoy this game on their PC rather than on mobile. If you want to know how to play War and Order on Windows, this article will help you keep reading.

Windows users can enjoy this game on their PC using the MEmuPlay emulator. MemuPlay is an android emulator with a huge library of games and applications, one of which is War and Order. 

Following are the steps to play War and Order on Windows:

  • Download MEmuPlay and install it on your PC. 
  • Run MEmuPlay on your PC and go to the Play Store.
  • Search for War and Order and install.
  • Once installed, click on the icon from the main menu and run the game and enjoy it on your PC.

War and Order is a fantastic real-time strategy game that allows you to connect with your friends and grow your community and strategic skills. Gamers have a lovely experience with the gameplay and the graphics. 

Now you have a solution for PC gamers and can enjoy this game with your friends on your PC. Why wait?! Go download MEmuPlay and start with your conquest in War and Order. Do leave your queries in the comment section below.