Diamonds are the most demanding stones in the world. However, there are so many variations in color, sizes, cuts, and clarity available in the market. One of the most trendy and famous variations is yellow diamonds. They are bright and bold diamonds. They bring an enchanting look into all the jewelry pieces. The most fascinating thing to know about these diamonds is that they upgrade your overall look and confidence as well. The natural diamond color is mined around the world and thousands of people buy diamond jewelry from online stores. But most of us wanted to know what makes the 1-carat yellow diamond prices a bit higher than the white ones. Let us reveal to you the possible reasons and facts about the cost of a 1 carat yellow diamond

Yellow Diamonds are One in Million:

Those who already wear yellow diamonds understand why we say they are one in a million. Well! Every year only one natural fancy color diamond is discovered from white diamonds. However, according to the survey, every year almost 10,000 white diamonds are mined at the industry level and it’s a fantasy to have 1 or 2 natural colors of diamonds. It shows that yellow diamonds are rare. However, manufacturing departments use techniques and different processes to make different fancy-color diamonds. But finding the natural one is rare. That is the reason 1-carat yellow diamonds are more expensive than other ones. 

Yellow Diamonds Has Unique Colour and Appearance:

Because of its vivid, dazzling, and fancy outlook, yellow diamonds are more demanding than ordinary ones. They attract viewers’ eyes in the crowd because of their appearance and cuts. It reflects light and its fancy look is eye-catching. Actually, the color diamond has several facets. However, the color of the yellow diamond may vary based on the saturation and tone. You can even find brownish-yellow color diamonds to greenish-yellow diamonds. All are rare and have a fancy appearance which makes them more popular in the market.

Color Over Clarity Meets in Yellow Diamonds:

In reality yellow diamonds have a deeper view and have a riskier outlook than white ones. That is the reason they are more costly than colorless diamonds. Each type of diamond has its own qualities according to the 4 Cs. Thus before spending on a yellow diamond, you need to understand its cuts, color, clarity, and carat in the same manner. Some people say that color over clarity is more demanding and this phenomena is found in yellow diamonds. It is true! In yellow diamonds, there are more cuts than in white diamonds. Every cut has its own precision and clarity which reflect the light. Thus because of its precision and clarity, these diamonds are more valued than ordinary ones. 

Magic of Nitrogen Infusion:

In different mines, every year different color diamonds are found in rock and soil. The color diamonds are rare because in every million it is a chance to find out only 2-3 colored diamonds. However, natural yellow diamond crystals can be created with the interaction of carbon stones during diamond formation. The presence of nitrogen is the cause of yellow color generation. The more nitrogen infusion leads to darker tones in yellow diamonds. However, the process is performed by professionals and the entire formation is time-consuming. 

Why are Yellow Diamonds Costier than White Ones?

Well! People think that yellow diamonds are more reliable than white ones. Actually! Yellow diamonds are an excellent option for investment because their prices are increasing dramatically with time. Just because they are rare and more attractive people tend to buy yellow diamonds rather than white diamonds. Because their demand outstrips supply, popularity, and value their prices are going to fluctuate in coming years. Thus the prices of yellow diamonds can be easily determined by their clarity grade and color. If the intensity of the yellow diamonds is higher then the price is expected to be higher than the lighter colors. 


In the diamond market, there are many variations in diamond colors found within the same color grade. Diamonds are always the first priority of every woman who likes to wear top-class jewelry pieces. However, yellow diamond stones’ appearance and look make them stand out in the market. For example, you can find out from dark to light yellow tone diamonds. However, at Flawless Fine Jewellery shop you can find out range of color variations according to your preferences. Their expertise and knowledge about each diamond are reflected in the jewelry pieces they provide. So check out their range of yellow diamond color jewellery pieced which look stunning with this unique color diamond.