Player Unknown’s Battleground is one of the most popular video games. The plot of this game is quite simple. You drop in, grab some best weapons, and fight for your survival. But one thing you must keep in mind, all other PUBG players are doing the same thing. So, this game can be brutal at times. 

The most rewarding thing in PUBG is getting some good kills. But the most important thing in this game is your survival. For that, you need to pick your battles carefully and stay alert. So, some good tips are always helpful for PUBG players. Below are the 7 tips for PUBG Players:

Best tips for PUBG Players

1. Staying close to the blue circle

To survive this game, you should avoid damage. But when you are at the beginning of this game, you can tolerate minor damages. One of the best ideas for more prolonged survival is, using the edge of the blue circle as your hiding spot. 

Here, you will receive minor damages, but no one can suspect your presence. Thus you can avoid all the brutal fights and survive longer. Moreover, you can also get some good kills by attacking unaware enemies. But do not forget to check your health constantly.

2. Choosing right covers

Most players use buildings to stay hidden and survive this brutal game. Indeed, buildings offer you a good cover if you have secured the only entrance completely. But on the other hand, hiding in buildings can be extremely risky. Only a well-placed grenade can kill you instantly, or when your enemies detect your presence, they can wait outside the building for you. 

That is why you should choose hills, dips, and ridges as your hiding spot. These will save you from attacks and keep your presence hidden. Thus, you get a solid cover from terrain instead of buildings. Moreover, when you use terrains as your cover, you get multiple escape options.

3. Selecting leveled up helmet

If you want to survive this game throughout, you will need a leveled-up helmet and vest. So, whenever you are looting, make sure to grab the most leveled-up equipment. But players get confused when it comes to leveled-up equipment which is damaged. 

But it is always suggested that you pick up a level three helmet even if it is damaged. Only a level three helmet can save you from M24 gunshots. That is why one of the most useful PUBG cheats is that leveled-up equipment should always be your first choice, even if damaged.

4. Pick the more durable vest

In the case of the vest, the math is a bit different. Vests should be durable. Yes, a level three vest will save you from bullets, but none can save you from an instant kill if it does not last long. 

So, if you are in an intense battle, pick a level two vest with full health instead of a level three vest with quarter health. But if you are one of the last few people fighting a battle, you can pick the level three vest as it will block damages more effectively. 

5. Stay at the edge of a circle

Your position in the game matters a lot. When you enter an actual battle, you have to use different strategies. One of them is staying at the edge of a circle. Thus you can only focus on the enemies in front of you, as the area behind you is totally safe. 

But the circle keeps shrinking, so you need to stay aware. Staying close to the edge of a circle gives you a better fighting position than those getting attacks from all sides.

6. Stay boosted

Maintaining full strength is a good way to survive longer in this game. When your energy drops to 15, you should start consuming health drinks and painkillers for the energy booster. When you are in a battle, only one extra tick of the health bar can influence your winning or losing. Saving the health boosts for later use can be risky for your survival. So, to be safe, use your resources in time.

7. Bushes are good hiding spots

Surprisingly, bushes can be a good hiding place for you. If you are sitting in a bush quietly, no one will suspect you. Though bushes are not hardcovers, if no one finds you, you will not get shot. But do not forget to take off your dark-colored clothes before taking shelter.


So, these are 7 of the most useful tips for players. These will improve your game and help you to plan new strategies. You will also find more useful tips on the internet. So keep playing and explore new strategies to win this game.