Ludo has been a popular game since ancient times for the people who love the board game. Traditionally, people used to play ‘Pachisi,’ before and Ludo tournaments are an important version. Everyone will have many childhood memories in games, and until now, this game can successfully entertain you. The popularity of the game makes it accessible at your fingertips. Players can also play with random players without having to look for a partner to play with. It would help if you understood that you have a winning attitude and losing the game even when playing with strangers. 

Open All Your Tokens And Token Race Is Prohibited:

All know that rolling 6s is one of those things you can’t control, so whenever you roll a 6, turn all your tokens on. That way, you won’t have to struggle to turn on your toes when one of your tokens reaches the home triangle. This is one of the best Ludo-winning techniques. Having fewer options in hand is not a good strategy in any game. Therefore, it is better to move them all at once instead of moving only one token. This will help you create blocks or capture another opponent’s token to give you a chance at winning.

Capture Your Opponent’s Token And Block Them:

Ludo is not only about opening all your tokens and scattering them across the board. It’s also about sending your opponent’s tokens back to the playing field by capturing them. So whenever you have the chance, you should capture your opponent’s token now if you can’t capture your opponent’s token. Another trick is to block them; this way, they won’t be able to move past your tokens or capture your tokens. Closely following every token on the board is the key to your success, and this goes without saying that you have to act while keeping an eye on it.

Keep Your Tokens in A Safe Place, Decide Your Game:

Beyond your playground, there are still many places and techniques to keep your tokens safe across the board. Do not move tokens that are about to reach the home triangle. Instead, move another token that is less likely to be captured by your opponent. Moving your tokens wisely is how you play the game, and you should use your mind while moving your tokens across the board. Everyone has their unique style of play. Some people may think Is playing Ludo online is safe to win without capturing their opponent’s tokens, while some people like to be aggressive. 

Make Sure about Your Pieces Out Of The Home Zone:

Focus on getting the pieces out of the home zone as quickly as possible early on. This increases your versatility and increases your chances of getting high spins later. Try to keep your pieces together so that you can create obstacles and stop your opponent from advancing when your enemy has more pieces on the board and is almost at the finish line.