There are a lot of portal available on the internet. Many of them are so much famous and they are highly used by a lot of great companies. It is used for the records of the company employees their attendance and many more things. These portals are used for professional aspects. So our point of attraction for today will be keka login. On this portal the information of the employee who is registered on it is available on it totally. The phone number address and email id as well. This provides a great ease to maintain a lot of records of the employees. Also the HR gets a lot help through this platform. Moreover, you can also make an announcement on this platform so that the employees can get the updates about that. Let’s talk about this more for the deep information about it.

About keka login

Keka is mainly used by the HR of the companies. As they are the one who handles the attendance and all the updates. HR is the one who connects the company’s updates and the employees with each other. They are the one who always look towards the attendance of the employees. HR take care of the employees’ data and company’s overall important rules, updates and many more things. So keka helps the HR team in making their work feasible and easily accessible. This helps them to gather a lot of information at one place. Then they can use this information in future for various things. Here the entry of the new employee can be done easily.

The other employees can also check the information of various employees on this portal. Still there are some of the things which a normal employee can not see as there are some rights which are given to the HR only. Employees apply their attendance on this platform on the daily basis. Even if the punching machine is not working or the employee forgot to punch in the attendance then the keka will be an amazing option to punch the attendance on this portal.

Benefits: Keka login

This portal has a lot of benefits. It helps HR and the employees both. HR can enrol the new employees in this portal with a great ease and can easily track their records and many more things. If the employee will be on Performance Improvement Plan, then that will also be visible on this portal. HR can easily make the necessary announcements on this portal so that it can reach to all the employees in one go without any hassle. Employees can easily apply for the leaves from here and can also check the leave balance on this portal. If an employee is applying for the leave, then there is an option for the leave is available on the portal and then after clicking on it the employee needs to follow some procedures which are damn easy to apply for the leave.

It is a time efficient portal for the employees and especially for the HR team. As they do not need to go different place to check the information or to share the information about an employee. They can easily get and share all the information within a click at one place. Along with the great service if there is an issue comes in the portal which is almost a rare thing to happen then the customer service is also brilliant for any kind of issue related to the portal.

Procedure of registration on Keka login

Keka login is so simple and easy. The employee those who wants to login into the portal needs to sign up first.

Now the sign up task is not only done by the employee but it is mostly done by the HR.

It is because to log in into the portal the employee needs to get the credentials. Credentials can only be given by an HR after getting all the details which this portal will ask while signing in.

So all those details can be filled by the employee but the thing is that there are some details that an HR can only provide.

Now while signing into the portal an HR needs to be with the employee so that they can get all the information which can only be given by the employee.

Once this process will be done then HR will provide the credentials for the login. After that the employee is ready to go.

Issue Resolving: Keka login

Now it is simple to solve any issue you are facing with the portal. As the employee does not face any kind of big issue on it. The issue which the employee face is a basic issue. These issues can easily be resolved by the employee or an HR. The basic issues which can challenge the employee or an HR on this portal will be like wrong password, wrong username, late updates or not showing the latest updates. Now these issues can be resolved easily

If an user has forgotten the password. Then, they can try to remember it or they can easily reset the password and the username. The option will be given there for resetting.

Secondly, if the portal is not working properly. Like if it is not showing the latest updates properly. Moreover, lagging while using then try to use a good internet. As it can surely an issue with the internet.

If the Keka login is not working properly then you can easily just change the browser, you are using or the most feasible way of using it is that you can just download the application of Keka Login.

Keka login
Keka login


Lastly, we want to say that there will not be an issue is choosing this portal for the professional work or anything. So if you are looking for a portal then this is the best so go and check it out for the best possible outcome.