The recent update of Minecraft has been released for all platforms. Further, it is highly praised within the community, intending to fulfil all player’s demands. However, it brings new biomes along with new mobs and top-notch parity between the java and bedrock editions. However, many of the important additions of this update were introduced in the form of allay. Overall, allay is a new mob that works as a friend ba collects items for all players. Along with that it also upgrades the existing in-game mechanics such as music, pillagers and many more. In this article, we will cover the topic of Allay Minecraft and provide you with sufficient information such as how it works and where to find it. Hence stay connected with us!  Make yourself comfortable and come along with us to get to know every single element. Roll yourself into it and continue reading.

What is Allay Minecraft?

Allay was a part of the update named 1.19 mob. Further, the community got the opportunity to select a new mob for the next update, where Allay won. Moreover, allay is a passive fairly like mob that selects a particular item and collects its copies for the player throughout the loaded chunks. Furthermore, it is similar to Minecraft bees in size but it can fly at much higher heights. In fact, it doesn’t interact with any in-game mobs other than players.

What Does Allay Do in Minecraft?

Allay works in Minecraft to collect the items. Moreover, it chooses a particular item and seeks its copies throughout the loaded chunk. An allay collects the items in some situations such as

If he notices an item getting dropped nearby, he picks the item. After that, it gives back to the nearest player and starts seeking its copies.

Along with dropped items, he can also accept items from players. However, he keeps the original one for himself and seeks its copies but also comes back to the player.

It also picks random thrown items and tries to return them to their owner.

Uses of Allay

An allay can make the collection system in farms completely automatic and considerably faster without using any compound Redstone mechanics.

Players can also generate an automatic sorting system to gather the related items in the same area.

A group of allay can help you to collect items promptly after an explosion and killing mobs.

In fact, an allay can help up to 64 copies of a stackable item at a time. however, players can use it as a portable storage option.

Players can use an allay to discover lost or accidentally dropped items within loaded chunks. However, payers need to have a duplicate copy of that item.

Basic properties of Allay mob

Allay does not have a lot of health, however, the player can kill Allay with two hits of a diamond sword or four hits of an iron sword. In fact, it also dies due to suffocation within blocks. Plus, staying underwater for a long time along with fire damage. But Allay cannot get any fall damage as it keeps constantly floating without any fear of height. In terms of health points, he has 20 health on both the java and bedrock editions. In terms of regenerations, allay regenerates 2 health points in each second. Thus, unless the player attacks with the best sword attractions, he can survive a couple of accidental hits.

Attack: Allay Minecraft

However, there is no attacking mechanic in Minecraft for allay. Further, it only runs away while being attacked. But, he immune his owner from attacks. Evidently, it is holding an item that got from the player, the attack won’t affect the allay. However, if the owner takes the item back, the player can easily kill the allay.

Mob interaction: Allay Minecraft

Sometimes, each and every mob looks unaffected by allay presence. No aggressive mob attacks it in general. Actually, the only mob that attacks an allay in Minecraft is the wither. It generally tries to kill every mob in the area.

Allay Minecraft
Allay Minecraft

Light emission: Allay Minecraft

With his unique colour, he stands out in almost every biome during the day. However, it becomes even easier to locate at night. Further, each allay produces minimal light which is not enough to light the area around them. Plus, it does not make it glow. Certainly, the light level is similar to far-way torches or spider eyes in the dark.

How to Exchange Items with Allay?

Handing and taking back items from allay is quite simple and straightforward. However, if the allay is empty-handed, players can give the item that they are holding.  Just by simply right-clicking or using the secondary action key on it. After that, allay will go around seeking and collecting copies of that item for you. However, if you are empty-handed, just by right-clicking or the use of a secondary action key on allay to take the item it is holding. After doing it, the allay would start roaming freely. Evidently, you have to hand it another item otherwise the empty-handed allay will fly away.

Final say

In brief, we have talked a lot about the allay Minecraft in detail. It collects the item in the game and prevents its owner from attacks. If you found this article informational then let us know with your comments. Toddles!