Minecraft Jenny Mod has become a more familiar name in the community world of Minecraft. With its unique approach and creative gaming, it has attracted a lot of gamers. Do you play Minecraft game? Well if that is the reason we have something to share with you. This mod offers you an amazing gaming experience by adding a wide spectrum of customisation options. In this article, we will discuss each and everything related to this mod. Further, we will delve into the diverse features that this mod offers. Along with that, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to download, install, and access this mod in your Minecraft game. Therefore, if you are a gamer and play Minecraft then reading this article till the end is a must to consider reading. Let’s embark on the journey of this gaming mod put yourself into it and continue reading.

What is Minecraft Jenny Mod?

Jenny is an amazing fictional character made by Slippery Tum, a developer working for Minecraft. Further, this mode is an NSFW (not safe for work) unofficial Minecraft mod that introduces a girlfriend for Minecraft gamers and stimulates adult interactions. Presently, it has become much popular mod that runs in creative mods. Basically, it is an unofficial Minecraft mod for players to have platonic relationships with the character. Evidently, the main draw of the mod is to engage in explicit adult interactions. It is specifically designed to run in creative mod and allows players to build and create without limitations. However, it might be harmful to children, so parents should be aware that their children may be downloading this mod without understanding the implications of its content.

How to download, install, and use Minecraft Jenny Mod?

First of all, download the new Curse Forge app on your device.

After that, go to the official Minecraft forge website that is minecraftforge.net.

Choose the version of Minecraft you are using from the menu.

Tap in the installer option and download the Minecraft Forge installer.

Run the Minecraft Forge installer and follow the instructions to install Minecraft Forge.

Now download the Minecraft Jenny mod files such as

v1.2 Forge version         

v1.4.0 Forge version      

v1.5.2 Forge version      

v1.6.2 Forge version      

v1.6.8 Forge version      

v1.6.9 Forge version      

v1.7.3 Forge version      

v1.7.4 Forge version (Stable)     

v1.7.5 Forge version      

v1.8.0 Forge version

install the Jenny mod

once you have downloaded the Jenny mod, launch the curse forge application.

Go to the dashboard and select Minecraft

Wait for some time for loading go to the menu and select “My Modpacks.”

Click on the “Create custom profile” to create a new profile.

It might be located on the right-hand side.

Rename the new profile.

Choose “1.12.2” for the Minecraft and Forge version

Click on the new profile that you have created and drag the menu by simply clicking on 3 three dots.

Select “Open Folder” and navigate to the mods folder.

Drag both Jenny mod files here

Go back to the curse for interface and seek under “installed Mods” for the Jenny mod.

Tap the “play” option to start Minecraft.

Confirm that you have selected your new profile.

Always make sure that Forge 14 is loaded.

Tap on the play button once again to load the game with the Jenny mod.

Keep in mind that you engage in the creative world to interact with Jenny.

Lastly, have fun with the new mod.

Jenny Minecraft: Trip to Discover the World of Minecraft: Minecraft Jenny Mod

Jenny started her streaming career in her former days of Minecraft, while few people knew about this game. With her passion and interest, she rapidly involved the courtesy of the public and created exclusive entertainment.

One of the unique things about Jenny Minecraft is her design skills and building. Further, the unique and attractive works of art she generates in the world of Minecraft. However, it is not only entertainment for the audience but also a source of inspiration for the community of gaming.

Minecraft Jenny Mod
Minecraft Jenny Mod

Playing the Minecraft Jenny Mod: Minecraft Jenny Mod

Once you have launched the game, search your inventory for the spawn Jenny egg. After that, use the egg anywhere to spawn Jenny, within seconds, she spawns in front of you. Thereafter, you can interact with Jenny to do diverse things such as asking her to follow you, give her gifts, and go home. Plus, giving her gifts will enable NSFW dialogues and animations. In addition, you can also arm her with equipping her armour to strengthen her. It leads to heals her quickly. Along with that, she can also teleport to you if you run too far away. Additionally, she also benefits from portions such as the water-breathing portion that helps accompany you on your underwater adventure.

Final words

In brief, we have argued a lot in this article about the Minecraft Jenny Mod in detail. Further, it is safe to use but always make sure that download mods from reliable sources. Always scan for viruses before installing them. Moreover, you can use Jenny in both single-player and multiplayer modes. Also, it is free to download and use. This carries us to the end of this article. if you discovered this article informative let us know with your comments. Toddles!


We do not promote and encourage this game mod. We meant to inform our audience about this gaming mod. It can affect your privacy and security concerns. Use it at your own risk.