PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Game is a mobile game. We get absolutely free on the Google Play Store. This game was a very popular game of 2018 which won the Golden Joy Stick Award. IGN Company declared it as the Absolutely remarkable Game of the Year. This game can be joined by a maximum of 100 players who can join solo and squads?

It is a portable game that is superior to any and all portable games. What the requirements of this game are is very simple, as should a stable internet connection and minimum Android 5.1 point one with 2GB of RAM. If you want to play PUBG Mobile better then you can check the best setting for PUBG Mobile.


The PUBG PC game is the first game of PUBG company that became a very popular game then did other versions such as the PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite pc. The game is available on Steam. You do know right now 50% Offer was running on PUBG PC.

The graphics of this game are very good. To play this game you need to have a good graphic card that you will get very good FPS and your gameplay will be very smooth. As you know, this game was awarded the Steam Award in 2018. If you want to make PUBG Run Better then check that How to Make PUBG Run Better.

10 Differences between PUBG Mobile & PUBG PC

PUBG Mobile vs PC
PUBG Mobile plays on mobiles and computers PUBG PC plays only on laptops or computers
PUBG Mobile runs on low-end graphicsPUBG PC runs on high-end graphics
Interior Designing of PUBG Mobile is pretty normalInterior Designing of PUBG PC looks fantastic
Size of PUBG Mobile is 2.6 GBSize of PUBG PC is 40 GB
The name of the training camp in PUBG Mobile is TRAININGThe name of the training camp in PUBG PC is CAMP JACKAL
Weapons recoil is less in PUBG MobileWeapons recoil is more in PUBG PC
We can see the bullet sign and footprints of enemies in PUBG MobileWe can’t see the bullet sign and footprints of enemies in PUBG PC.
FPS limit in PUBG Mobile is 60 fpsFPS limit in PUBG PC is 100-300 fps
Many bots come in PUBG MobileReal players come in PUBG PC

Final Words: PUBG Mobile vs PC

Both versions of the PUBG have their own fan following. You can play both games. One is on your smartphone or second on your personal computer. On the other hand, you can also play the PUBG Mobile on your laptop or computer with the help of an emulator.

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