PUBG Lite PC New Contents 4vs4 Match

Here is the 4 vs 4 tabs in-game lobby screen as you can see above. There is also a change button. This option can also be changed in the upcoming update, such as a match with the 4 VS 4, another match will be added to it.

After clicking on the setting wheel we can change all types of settings. Currently, this match is available only in FPP. After joining the team players, we play the match, then our fourth player is taken from the random.

To start the match, we have to click on the yellow button on the left downside.

How to win 4 VS 4 the match Game Rules 

  • The first rule of this game is that whichever team completes 30 kills before the other team is the winner.
  • The second rule is that whichever team plays more kills within 10 minutes will also be the winner.
  • If both teams have the same kills then this match will be considered a draw match.

What sort of weapons use in PUBG Lite PC

All players receive by default Level One accessory like Level One bag helmet vest. Once the match starts, there are all kinds of weapons on the crates placed in front of the players, which the player can choose according to his choice.

After choosing his favorite weapon, he can use all types of attachment of weapon which are available on the same crates.

Interesting Things to Play 4VS4 Match


In this match, once the player’s health is zero, he is not a Knock but a straight kill. And there is no crate made after the player’s death. All players resurface after a time of 5 seconds after death.

Items after revival

The player has the same circulation and the same attachments when the player is revived. All types of ammo are present on the crates placed there, with no limit. Upon reviving, the player is invisible for 7 seconds. During that time the other player cannot give any damage to that player.

Harming your team

And inside this match, we cannot give any kind of damage to our teammate. Usually, we can damage our player inside a classic match so that he can die.

Health recovery

The damage to the player during the match is automatically recovered after 7 seconds which can be recovered up to 75%. Startup crates have health items that we can pick up such as a pain killer energy drink and health kit.

Progression status

The player who gets the most kills in his team is called the man of the match.

  • Map: Bodie
  • In the picture below you are told the scope of the map.
  • Size: 150 X 60 {m}

Game result screen

Once the match is over, a display appears showing us the result of the match, who has scored how many kills and which team is the winner.

Reward-based on the game result

The winning player gets BP and other points according to his kills and damage. The player gets 60 BP points on the winning team. And the losing team gets 30 BP points. Each player gets 5 BP points per kill.

If the match is drawn then all the team gets 60 BP. The team’s player who is that the man of the match gets 30 BP points separately.

NOTE:- All the pictures shown above have been taken from the official website, whose credit goes to the official site only.

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