How do I use L-COIN at the Store?

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Step #1

Go to the in-game store and select the item you wish to buy. Click [Confirm] to use the L-COIN.

Step #2

Before clicking [Confirm], make sure to check the item, quantity, and the total price.

Purchase successful!

Step #3

When you don’t have enough L-COIN to buy the item you selected, the following message will show.

Step #4

You can click [Okay] to move to the top up page.


Make sure to check before making a purchase. 

Certain items will be sent to your Inventory and certain items are applied right away.


As you see in the image below, both items were bought with L-COIN and they will appear in your Inventory’s Items section.

To use the [1 Level ] item, click on the [Use Item] button at the bottom. On the other hand, as for the [2xBP Card: 1-Day] item, it has been applied at the moment of purchase.

One more thing!

Exciting new items will continue to be updated to the Store through future updates. So keep a lookout!

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