Graphics Card For PUBG

Graphics Card For PUBG?

A graphic card is the hardware part of a computer that processes the images we see on the screen. Every image that we see on the screen is made up of a small dot called a pixel. To fix any pixel in its place, a CPU is needed, which we call a graphic card. We need a graphic card to deliver a picture of high resolution at a moderate speed. Here are the best graphics settings for Pubg PC.

As the gaming industry has grown in leaps and bounds, the power of the graphics card has increased a lot. Earlier, in today’s time, the graphics of the game have been at such a high resolution that we need a graphic card to process it. If seen in today’s market, excellent graphics cards have come, whose power is outstanding, you can play your PUBG game very fast till 4K and 8K resolution.

You can choose the graphics card according to the budget and resolution of your screen. If you want to play the PUBG game at high resolution, then you must have a graphic card. Professional Pubg players use high-end graphics cards in their computers so that they can play the game easily.

With this graphic card, you can see the distant scene very clearly. Today I will introduce you to some graphic cards. Those who use professional gamer on their computer. So that you, too, can play the game like a professional gamer.

Here are the 5 best Graphics Cards to Run PUBG

RTX Series is a brand new platform GPU that has six times more performance than the graphic card of the old generation. With this graphic card, you can play your games very smoothly very quickly at 4k Resolution. Completely new technology has been used in this graphic card, which is known as real-time ray tracing.

According to our experience, we have placed the AMD RX 5700 XT at number two. This graphic card has come up with the best new technology. RDNA Architecture with 7nm Processor Technology. RX 5700 XT is the first 4.0 PCI Express graphics card in the PCI Express era. This graphic card also gives us FreeSync technology-free.

With this technology, you can fix the flickering that occurs in your game. The difference we find in the output of Nvidia and AMD graphics card is HD picture quality. The picture output of AMD is well maintained, in that we get to see uniform colors, which makes picture quality very spectacular.

The RTX 2080 Super is a compelling Graphic card which gives us more stable gameplay in low power. This 2019 Graphic card was awarded the Gold Award. In this Graphic card, we get to see a very refreshing cooling system, which keeps the graphic card temperature stable in a significant way. This Craficard gives us 60fps at 4K. The output of this card graphics and elegance and unbeatable, composed by its ray tracing (RTX) technology.

RTX 2070 SUPER graphic card competes with our earlier graphics card, but we have placed it at position four because this graphic is more expensive than that graphic card. We have an MSI graphic card chosen because we get the best cooling system in it, and the build quality is outstanding.

The lighting effect of RGB Mystic Light is very unusual. The fans we get on this graphic card with TORX Fan 3.0 with Double Ball Bearings The speed of these wings are very spectacular and silent. Due to dual ball bearings fans, the life of this fan is extremely high.

The RX 5600 XT is a budget graphics card that AMD recently launched, which has a high performance according to the price. This graphic card sufficiently Outperform NVIDIA’s 1660 Ti graphics card in terms of price and performance.

You will be able to see that during gameplay, you get 25 to 30 frames more than GTX 1660 ti graphic card. Due to getting more FPS with an RX 5600XT graphics card, our gameplay of PUBG becomes so smooth that it becomes fun to play the game.

In this budget, you will forget the other graphics card after seeing the output of FPS in the PUBG game. Even after taking so little power, this graphics card gives us such an attractive FPS, so I think you will purchase these graphics cards after reading that.

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