What are bifocal lenses? What concept do you have regarding varifocal lenses? What kind of lenses do you wear? Do you love to wear glasses? Do you love to do fashion with glasses? Do your prescription glasses prevent you from doing your favourite style? 

Too many questions making you confused? Not to worry. This article will give you detailed information about all the above questions so that one can even buy varifocal glasses online without having any doubt. 

Types of Lenses 

While buying glasses we should know and make sure of the lenses that are required for the eyes. This is because every prescription and non-prescription glass requires different lenses depending on the condition of our eyes. For example, someone wearing glasses should wear glasses with blue light lenses, anti-scratch, anti-reflective coatings, and anti-UV

coatings. These are necessary for all types of glasses because these are some of the basic coatings that protect the eyes from all the above factors and keep the eyes safe. 

Single vision lenses- Single vision lenses are used for distant vision. These lenses help a person to see the objects close and at a distance. These lenses are the most common lenses that are required for vision correction of both distant and close objects. These lenses are worn by the most number of people around the world with different prescriptions. 

Varifocal lenses- Before we talk about the work of varifocal lenses, let us look back a little at the history of these lenses. Varifocal lenses are better known as progressive lenses. Varifocal lenses are nothing but an advanced version of what is known as bifocal lenses. Bi-focal lenses were made for the vision correction of both the distance and the close objects. These lenses were made in such a way that the glasses could help people who suffer from these problems. The glasses were difficult to adjust and the clear division that the glasses have could be understood. Hence it did not look good and also all glasses frames were not suitable for having bi-focal glasses. But with time and advancement of technologies, these lenses have been modified and are made as progressive or varifocal lenses. The varifocal lenses have a very light line of division which is almost negligible. But these lenses are such that it takes time to get adjusted to the eyes and once they get adjusted, they are one of the most comfortable lenses. One can buy cheap varifocal glasses from the UK where they provide the best varifocal lenses at a much more affordable price. These lenses can be fitted to every frame and one who is fashion conscious can wear their favourite frames with varifocal lenses. 

Blue light lenses- Blue light lenses are such that they help to protect the eyes from the harmful blue light emitted from digital devices. These glasses can be worn all the time as these glasses are a protective shield for the eyes. The lenses are suitable for every frame and hence one who prioritises fashion and also protects the eyes should wear these glasses and style as per their choice. 

Let us discuss varifocal glasses in detail so that one can opt for varifocal lenses when required after consulting a doctor. 

The best varifocal lenses 

There are various types of varifocal lenses, depending on how the glasses are being used. It depends on whether a person needs varifocals for a wider range of distant vision or a close vision. The glasses are made according to the need for the purpose like office work, driving, sports, or as regular wear. 

Some questions are often asked by people about whether a person can drive with varifocals or whether a desk person needs varifocals or not. The answers to these questions are as follows 

Is driving possible with varifocal glasses?

We often wear sunglasses and glasses while driving. Men sometimes wear glasses with their outfits. But people often get in a dilemma of whether to wear varifocal glasses or not. The answer to this question is yes, they can wear varifocals while driving. During driving, a person needs elite varifocals for a wider distance of vision and a clear intermediate vision. This helps a person to see things far and focus on distant objects. Other lenses are required for close vision like, reading, writing, and driving varifocals are not suitable for these purposes. 

Are varifocals suitable for screen work? 

Computer varifocals are made in such a way that they help a person to see and read closer things and are best suitable for reading and writing purposes. These varifocals do not need to see far objects and do not require a lens with a wider range of vision. These glasses are not at all fit for driving and allow only 4m of maximum vision. 

Can varifocals be worn all the time? 

Yes, varifocals can be worn all the time. It helps to correct our close, distant and intermediate vision and helps to see an object more clearly. Thus there is no reason for not wearing varifocals all the time. Only the varifocals should be worn according to the need and an office varifocal should not be worn during driving and vice-versa. 

What are the differences between bifocal lenses and varifocal lenses? 

Varifocal lenses are made in such a way that it helps to correct the distorted vision. Varifocals help to see distant objects, near an intermediate object with the least visible line in the middle which helps a person in a comfortable vision. Bifocal lenses are almost similar to the varifocals. The difference lies in the fact that the bridge or the lines which separate the two visions are visible. In bifocal lenses, they offer only two visions such as distant vision and close vision. There is no intermediate vision offered in these lenses. 

The above article is about how and when a person requires the varifocal lenses and how their uses can be justified.