Internet lagging not only curses your online experience but also ruins your family entertainment time you supposedly have with Select TV from the house of Spectrum. No matter how fast your internet plan is and how reliable ISP you have chosen to go for, internet lagging is hard to avoid. Therefore we have somehow remained the victim of sluggish internet even after paying a hefty monthly fee for a fancy internet plan.

There can be countless reasons for experiencing sluggish internet connection including inadequate internet plan, inappropriate internet speed, outdated devices, and more. But the real key is to find the reason behind the issue you are experiencing today. 

If you are in the same boat, worry not because you have made the right choice by hitting this blog. We have brought for you some of the major reasons for internet lagging and their quick fixes so you can easily get rid of such issues without seeking technical support. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Of course, so let’s start the blog without any further delays!

Key Reasons for Your Internet Lagging 

We have covered only five yet very important and common reasons that lead to internet lagging here for you. So let’s check them out!

Outdated Devices

Sometimes the issue is not with your internet connection but with the devices you are using. The best way to find which one is the culprit is to run the speed test. This test will provide you with figures for the download and upload speeds of your internet connection. If the speeds you get after running the speed tests are similar to what the ISP claimed to offer you there is no need to consider internet lagging as a low performance of Spectrum Service.

Too Many Applications

If you are currently using too many applications at a time across multiple smart devices at your home or office it can affect the performance of your internet. Because every application you or other internet users connected to an internet connection use take some part of your internet speed. Consequently, you will run out of data or will try to use bandwidth more than its capacity. Thus will experience internet lagging!

Blocked Wi-Fi Signals

Lastly, we would like to highlight another very common reason that leads to internet lagging which is the blockage of signals coming from your Wi-Fi device. Any obstruction between the smart devices connected to your internet connection and the Wi-Fi device installed in your space will affect the strength of signals. 

You must have recognized your case and the possible reason behind the situation you are facing right now. If yes! Then keep exploring this blog till the end because we have added some quick solutions for all the above and related reasons for internet lagging. 

Quick Fixes to Get Rid of Spectrum Internet Lagging 

Restart Your Modem and Router Devices 

As we have mentioned earlier, if you get the exact download and upload internet speed after running the speed test, the issue is with your devices not with the provider or your internet plan. Now it’s time to learn how to fix this problem without reaching out to to get technical support. 

It is a very simple trick and does not require technical background so you can easily do it by yourself. We have simplified the entire process by summarizing it into three broad user interface categories. Under each category, you need to follow a couple of steps that will help you in resolving the issue like a pro. 

So without any further due, let’s check them out! 

How to Restart Your Gateway, Router, or Modem Device if Using Your Spectrum Account

If you want to fix this issue via your Spectrum account you need to follow the steps given below.

  • Log in to your Spectrum account.
  • Click on the tab “Your Services”.
  • Select the sub stab “Internet”.
  • Choose your equipment or device from the list provided there.
  • Hit the Restart equipment button and confirm.

How to Restart Your Equipment if Using the Spectrum App

However, if you are using Spectrum App, you need to follow distinct steps which are mentioned below.

  • Tap the icon of Services.
  • Select the option of the Internet.
  • Choose your equipment from the list provided there.
  • Click on Restart Equipment.
  • Hit the Restart key.

Restart Your Equipment Manually

For instance, if you want to do it manually, the process may get a little prolonged but worry not because it is still very easy for you. So keep scrolling!

  • Remove the power supply from your connected smart device.
  • Unplug the power cable of your modem, router, or gateway.
  • Wait for 60 seconds.
  • Turn off the power supply by plugging in the cable. 
  • Wait for a couple of seconds till your gateway or modem restarts. It may take several minutes as well so wait patiently. 
  • Lastly, restart all your smart devices connected to your internet connection. 

This practice will help you in refreshing all the smart devices and your connected devices as well. Thus all of these devices can restart functioning with similar quality speed. 

Clear You Browser Cache 

Sometimes we keep open several windows or apps at a time while using the internet. This practice has a drastic impact on the speed of your internet connection. Therefore, the best you can do to overcome this problem is to keep only those windows open that you are currently using, rather than keeping all the tabs open in the background. 

Another quick fix for it is to clear the browser cache because sometimes glitches and pesky data get into the cache which leads to different problems including sluggish internet speed. You need to periodically clear up all the cache data if you want to quickly load websites. To slate clean your browser cache, we have listed some quick steps for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. 

So let’s start clearing! 

Clear the Cache in Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome browser.
  • Go to the more menu.
  • Click on More Tools.
  • Choose the Clear Browsing Data option.
  • Select the boxes next to “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data.” 
  • Choose “Clear data.”

Clear the cache in Microsoft Edge

  • Open Edge.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner to open the menu.
  • Click on Settings, and go to the Security and Privacy section utilizing the menu on the left side.
  • Hit the “Clear browsing data” button.
  • Select the boxes labeled “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data.”
  • Choose the “Clear data” button.

Install a Wi-Fi Extender 

If you are living in a space loaded with large size or heavy furniture items, or have thick walls made up of cement material, this can be a reason for sluggish internet speed. Sometimes, multiple electronic devices nearby the Wi-Fi router also causes signal blockage and interference. That’s the reason the ISPs usually guide users involved in the self-installation of devices to install Wi-Fi devices at the center of the house away from any obstructing object. 

However, you can also go installing a Wi-Fi extender in your house that seamlessly supports your Wi-Fi to extend its signals across every corner.  It is a quick fix to get strong coverage for all your smart devices no matter which part of the house you are using, the construction material used in your house, or the furniture. 

In a Nutshell 

For instance, if you are still unable to overcome internet lagging even after following all these tips, we recommend you switch to another internet plan, offer, or package. Sometimes we are consuming more as compared to the capacity of our internet plan which can also be a reason. So, feel free to visit BuyTVInternetPhone to explore other suitable options available in your area in one click.