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What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is one of the most popular card games played throughout India. It is a game of three cards. Other names of Teen Patti: Flush or Flash. Teen Patti Real cash game is a profoundly cutthroat game that began in India and is presently widely played in the casino by countless participants. In this game, the players with the best combination of cards get to be a winner. The game teen Patti is similar to “3 Card Brag”, the British card game. 

How to play Teen Patti – WIn Real Cash?

  • Teen Patti is played with a deck of 52 cards without using a joker card. Teen Patti game requires three to seven players. Three cards are distributed to each player by the dealer without showing the card’s face. 
  • Dealer can be randomly chosen among the participants. As the game proceeds, whoever wins the hand becomes the next dealer. However, the online teen Patti game involves a Live dealer to give the users an experience like the real Casino. 
  • Before card distribution, the Boot amount/ entry fee is determined. It is the minimum bet placed at the beginning of teen Patti by every player. Same ante/boot are deposited by all players. Players decide the boot amount & place it in the pot at the center of the table.
  • After card distribution, the player on the left of the dealer begins the game by placing the first bet. Based on the strength of the cards, players take action accordingly on their turn. Moreover, the player that lasts till the end with the best cards combo in hand wins the pot & becomes the Teen Patti Real Cash winner!

Rules to Follow in Teen Patti Real Cash Game:

  1. Same as any card game, Ace is the highest-ranking card while 2 is the smallest. The main aim of players is to have the best-ranking cards combo in hand and to increase the pot until the end of the game. However, it is crucial to know about teen Patti hand ranking before participating in the Teen Patti game.
  2. The players have the option to either see their card (Seen player) or not (blind player) by keeping cards face down. The bet amount varies based on the seen or blind player:

Playing blind/Bind player:

  • If the player before you has played blind, you need to bet equal to or twice the current stake.
  • If the player before you is playing seen, you need to bet half or equal to the current stake.

Playing seen/ seen player:

  • If the player before you is playing seen, you need to bet twice the current stake
  • If the player before you is playing blind, you need to bet twice or four times the current stake.
  1. A player playing seen cannot demand a Show instead it can request a sideshow.
  2. If the player decides to pack/fold, their bet amount would be fortified. 
  3. If a player temporarily leaves the game & misses their antes need to post to enter the game again. Such players have to pay a decided ante to the pot to participate on the next hand. 
  4. When only two players are left in the game, one of the players can request the last showdown. The other player can either fold or call. In case the player calls, both the players will reveal their hand and the one with the highest hand ranking will win the whole pot.
  5. If the pot limited game is been played, a forced showdown occurs when the pot limit is reached. All players will be forced to show their hands when the pot has reached the pot-limit amount.

However, while playing the Teen Patti real money game online, everything in the game is optimized automatically & tells the accurate amount you need to bet on its own. All you require is to press the “bet” button.

What is Sideshow?

If all players have seen their cards, a player, after playing double the current stake, can demand the player who bet before him for a sideshow (compromise). It is dependent upon that player to accept or decline the request. If the player rejects, the wagering proceeds. Assuming he accepts, these two players can compare their cards and the player with low-positioning cards needs to fold. Assuming the cards are equivalent, the player who mentioned the side-show needs to fold. 

Teen Patti Hands Ranking from highest to lowest:

  1. Trio or Trail/ Three of a kind:

When three cards are of the same rank. For instance, Triplet of Ace or Triplet of 5.

  1. Pure sequence or Straight Pun

When three cards are of the same suit in a sequence. Like 2,3,4 of the Spade, or J, K, Q of the heart.

  1. Normal Sequence/Run

When three cards are in sequence but belong to different suits. Example: 2 of heart, 3 of diamond & 4 of spade

  1. Color

When three cards are of the same suit without any sequence. Example: 5, 8 & 2 of heart

  1. Pair:

When two cards are of the same rank. Example: K, K, 5 or 5,5,10. 

A, A, K is the highest pair while 2,2,3 is the lowest. If both players have the same rank of pair, then the kicker card decides the winner.

  1. High card: 

Three cards not in sequence or same suit or color, but contain a high-ranking card. Example: A, K, J 

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