Instagram is very popular in the current era. It is currently one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Nowadays most people use Instagram for their various needs. However, there are many people who do not know the proper use of Instagram and do not have much idea about Instagram.

However, in the current era of competition, in order to keep pace with everyone here, all social minds need to be more or less aware of the media platforms.You can easily buying instagram reels views.

Today I’m going to tell you about some of the tricks that very few people know about Instagram. You may be surprised to know these tricks and you may feel different from others.

The first trick I will say is how you can download Reels Video without any app. This is amazing but true. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to download reels video directly from Instagram without the help of any other third-party app!  Of course, it is possible.

To download the reels video directly from Instagram, first, you have to click on the share option in the reels video. Then you select the ‘Add reel to your story’ option.  After the video appears in the pop-up store, the video will be downloaded directly to your mobile gallery by clicking on the download button at the top. But you must remember that in this process you can only download the first 15 seconds of the original video.

I will say that if you know this trick, you can hide your Instagram views and likes. Although it could not be done before, recently Instagram has brought a new feature that can be used to hide views and likes.  If you use this feature, you will not see how many likes your photos and videos have received.  If you want to use this feature, you must use it every time for each newly added video and photo.

To use this feature, first, click on the three-dot option that you will see in the upper right of any uploaded video or photo, then click on the option that will have the ‘ turn off like & view count ‘option.  Have to. Then another fun trick is if you want you can check the DM of Instagram without the tag ‘SEEN’.

To do this process first you have to open the Instagram app then open the ‘Messages’ option but no message can be opened. Click on the search bar of the messages option without opening any message. 

Then type the username of the specific person you want to view the message from, open the profile of that person and click on ‘Options’.  From there, select the ‘Restrict the profile’ option and you will see the new and old messages sent by that particular person without the Seen tag.

Another special trick is that you can check ‘INSTAGRAM STORIES’ without the tag ‘SEEN’. To do this, first, click on the website and type the username of the person there.  Then you can see all the posts and stories without the person’s scene tag. This is a simple process. You know the secret tricks of using Instagram.

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