If you are one of the many pet owners who have been thinking about administering CBD Oil products into your dog’s diet and lifestyle because you have heard good things about it, you may just be on the right track. This is a popular topic in the 21st century and many people have considered it one way or the other, but not everyone is sure how to go about using it, so they can get the most out of it for them.

This information below will help put you on the right track with a guide to a few ways you can give it to them so they can enjoy it and reap all the benefits of CBD Oil, which you can find on this online source.

Directly Applying it Into Their Mouth

The typical dosage of the tincture and oil formats includes giving them a few drops based on the purpose – holistic or otherwise and depending on their size. The simplest way to do this is to pull up the right amount into the dropper and insert it into their mouth, as far back as possible onto their tongue. Once the dropper is inside, you squeeze the bottle and let the drops do the rest. You could give them some water to flush it down. Make sure you hold them gently, so they don’t run away.

Adding It to Their Occasional Treats

If you are giving them treats now and again, for good behavior or as a vitamins supplement, make sure when you put the drop onto them, that the treats are of the porous kind so they can absorb all the drops and not go to waste. Make sure you follow the right dosage and put a few drops onto the treat and either hide it inside their food or give it to them directly.

This will also depend on the size of the dog and smaller dogs work best with this method as they may need a little amount onto their treats as opposed to larger dogs who may need more, as it can get messy trying to put an entire dropper full of CBD oil onto one treat. This is a possible tried and tested method and every dog will have its personal preference. Although, which dog doesn’t like a bit of a treat now and then?

Mixing It Inside Their Food

Pets have two options of foods, either they like dry foods or canned wet foods. Both have their pros and cons: https://www.thesprucepets.com/mixing-wet-and-dry-dog-food-5080496, whereas dry foods are more cost-effective and convenient to pour out of a bag into their bowls, and don’t need to be stored in a particular way so it doesn’t go bad, the wet foods are more nutritional for them and contains more water (almost over 11%) and lots of canines seem to prefer this options better.

Depending on a few things such as the dog’s age, nutritional requirements, the strength of their teeth, and the owner’s budget, the consensus is to give them wet food. The other advantage of giving them wet or canned food is that you can easily pour a few drops of CBD Oil for dogs into their bowl and mix it up without them even knowing. Which helps to absorb it and make sure they eat the entirety of their food.

Making Your Own Home Made Dog Food or Treat

One of the safest ways to give them a wholesome diet selection is by making your canine, a freshly made homemade treat, or a food selection. However, it is vital to note that if you are thinking of baking them something, adding CBD oil for dogs to the baked dish before cooking it at high temperatures will render them unusable as the CBD can evaporate. However, cooking them at a low temperature for a long time may work instead.

You could replace the oils that you would normally use such as olive oil, with the CBD oil and mix it up thoroughly or add it after the dish is cooked if making it in the oven. Sometimes when oils and water do not mix you may find some treats such as muffins or dog cookies that may not have the oil equally distributed between them.

You could also make a juice for them and add a few drops to it, but make sure you do not add any sugar or too many fruits as the sugar content in fruits can also have a damaging effect on them or render them hyper. Although it is always best to always give them pure filtered water, instead of any other drink options.

Pure hemp products have now been made legal in over 50 states in the US and most other countries as well and when buying the drops or treats, it is crucial to read the labels and make sure the brand holds a license from lab test results either an indication of which should be on the product itself or their website. This proves the amount of CBD in the item as well as the legal THC amounts which are supposed to be lower than 0.3% by law.

Never experiment on any of your pets, always makes sure you choose the best premium products and seek your vet’s advice before you start the doses. They may have some good brands that they can recommend to you.