Online casinos and e-sports betting sites have begun to spring up all over the internet, providing players with endless opportunities to engage in their favorite pastimes from the comfort of their homes. However, it can be difficult to decide whether or not online gambling is right for you, given the risks involved.

When it comes to online betting, e-sports has become one of the hottest and most lucrative industries out there. If you’re not familiar with it, e-sports refers to video game competitions that feature amateur and professional players who compete against each other in popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. Betting on these games can be pretty exciting, but it also comes with its fair share of risks and cons. Here are some examples of both when it comes to e-sports betting.

1) Easier Betting

Gambling involves risk. However, e-sports betting has plenty of ways to make betting more convenient. For example, online casino operators can provide payment methods that are more secure than credit cards since the information is stored on the player’s computer.

Another example would be adapting e-sports games into wagering contests that players can actually win real money on. The only problem with that is that there often aren’t enough players in these competitions to make them worth betting on.

2) Can Be Cheaper

Many online casinos offer bonuses and free gambling money to players upon signing up. This can make online gambling much more affordable than traditional casinos, which only offer free play with bonus chips.

Convenience aside, e-sports betting can be very reasonable for those who choose their games wisely and stick to smaller wagers. All that money that is currently going into your local casino could end up in your online account instead.

3) More Security

Casinos and traditional sportsbooks tend to be very lax with their security systems. They only employ a few staff members to manage all of the floors — and often, those individuals aren’t trained in identifying suspicious behavior.

Online casinos, however, have security protocols that are used to keep players safe. These can include tools like facial recognition software, which ensures that only real people are logging into the website.

4) Better Odds

When it comes to e-sports betting, there are plenty of bookie sites out there that will give you better odds on your wagers. This is due to the fact that you’ll be taking fewer risks by betting with them.

Many of these online casinos are located outside the US, which means they have less government scrutiny. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t try to stay within the legal boundaries of the nation.

5) Different Games to Watch

Traditional sportsbooks only offer you odds on the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. While these major sports are exciting to watch, they’re also the only game in town. This is not the case with e-sports betting and online casinos.

There are plenty of other games that players can bet on throughout the year that are just as important or even more important to professional players than others. They are just not being given the same amount of exposure they would if they were on broadcast television.

6) Many Websites are Badly Designed

You don’t see the same games on broadcast television because there are so many online casinos out there that offer them. However, many of these sites are poorly designed and resulted in broken pages or terrible customer service.

While this isn’t an issue with e-sports betting, it is something that players should keep in mind before betting on these games. If you’re not comfortable with the site design, then you shouldn’t be using it.

7) Always Online

E-sports betting sites are designed in a way that they’re always online. If a site goes down, you’ll receive a notification informing you of the situation from the website. However, if one of these sites is offline for an extended amount of time, then it’s not hard to notice when you start playing.

It is easy to assume that these sites have been hacked when they suddenly start showing weird ads and pop-up messages when you log in.

However, there are other things to keep in mind if you want to make sure the site doesn’t go down. For example, it is often easier for these sites to stay online if they aren’t dealing with the high traffic load. This will ensure that their servers don’t crash or run into any technical problems that could potentially cost them money or tarnish their reputation.

8) Too Much Advertising

If you have looked at any e-sports betting site in the past few years, then you’ve probably noticed that they are often full of ads. This can end up being really annoying if you’re trying to watch an event or betting on a ticket. These sites might be able to make more money by selling ad space.

However, it can also end up hurting their reputation if they are seen as spammy. If this becomes a recurring problem, it could affect the number of visitors they get and, thus, their ability to prosper.

If you want to avoid this, then you should try to look for websites that aren’t overly tailored toward selling ads. The sites that are better off doing this will have a higher number of ads per page, and they will just be placed in different visual ways instead of being shoved in your face all the time.

9) Mainstream Gambling Companies are Losing money

The big reason why mainstream gambling companies are venturing into e-sports is to make more money. However, the numbers tell a different story. As of 2017, the total amount of money made in eSports was about $1.3 billion USD. This number pales compared to the hundreds of millions that companies like MGM Resorts and 888 Holdings are losing due to their foray into online gambling.

They are both publicly listed companies on Wall Street, so they have to report all of the money they’re making. This is why they have to hide things like their online casino losses behind other revenue streams.

10) It’s Not Real Gambling

Billions of dollars are made every year by mainstream gambling companies. This includes hundreds of millions of dollars made by MGM Resorts and 888 Holdings. Outside of these types of companies, only a small fraction make any profit at all.

Companies like The Stars Group and Full Tilt know this, which is why they are willing to risk their reputation in favor of making money that doesn’t exist today. E-sports betting isn’t real gambling because the government does not regulate it.

Thanks to sites like this, we can see how much money is made and where it’s coming from. This lets us know if companies like 888 Holdings and MGM Resorts are taking on too much risk by trying to profit from e-sports betting.


The e-sports betting and online casino community is proliferating, and it doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon. The amount of money generated by this industry will continue increasing until more games are added to the list. This has been happening over the last few years due to the fact that many popular games have been released. If you’re looking to get involved in e-sports betting, then you should look for a website that suits your needs.