Squak mountain club is most important club that is by different members of the organization and also it uses carry unique task for different organizations and it is termed as the appropriate standard for the coming future generations .

It is believe to carry individual responsibility for preserving the environment  and also improving goal for the world  and believing that group should be small but also committed to the volunteer effects so that we can get cleaner and healthier air for tomorrow.

What Does SQM Club Do ?

SQM club is needed for tracking the company progress and also cutting down the emission value froom the environment and establishing resources for the environment in order to reduce the emission right away.


The SQM club is responsible for saving environment and also speaking for the environment itself. It reduces the tons of emissions from the environment and can bring awareness about the planet to the people.

Motivation behind SQM Club

The most important priority for this SQM club is required to save squak mountain from the club that is founded in 1954. And also work for the betterment for the society and the environment.

Benefits of Joining SQM Club

This club supplies and takes the important emission measures such as emission of CO2  and also provide ways in order to reduce these emissions from the environment. Also they are looking to spread their reach to North America and other countries in order to create membership experience for them.

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