Similar to Yaoi, Bara portrays homosexual relationships between males and is also referred to as Boys’ Love or BL in Japan. Gay manga creators do not always agree with the term “bara” being used to indicate homosexual Japanese comic art because it is predominantly a non-Japanese phenomenon. In non-Japanese contexts, the term “bara” is used to refer to a variety of Japanese and Japanese-inspired homosexual erotic media, including western fan art, gay pornography with human performers, and images from early Japanese gay men’s publications. In contrast to bara, the Japanese media subgenre known as yaoi concentrates on homoerotic relationships between male characters and was initially created by and for women.

Bara manga

Here are some Bara Manga:

Carrot & Stick

Naruse works for a venue for entertainment. His new employee Kousaka is supervised by Naruse. The night before his last day of work, Kousaka discovers how much he loves Naruse and that they are in love. While inebriated, Kousaka is shouting at Naruse about his real feelings for the latter.

Sailor Men

Maki and Kana are only best friends; they don’t share any other bonds. When Kana changes into a sailor for entertainment in a single night, Maki rapidly realises he is falling in love for the first time with Kana. The manga features many more stories than only Maki’s story, many of them are love stories.


The plot depends on a hot tailor, a lousy Yakuza, a wonderful Yakuza, a tattoo artist, and other attractive men. Note the intriguing connections between their stories and lifestyles.

Hey Doctor! 

Visit Bara Manga on Myotaku World to continue reading. My Anime World A high school student is carried away and falls into a river on the way home from school. He has a fever; thus he needs to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. But the medical professional attending to him is unusual.

Sellia Crystal Tunnels

Inside the tough underground Sellia Crystal Tunnel of Elden Ring, there is more than just your standard digger waiting. However meaningless it may appear, clearing the tunnel gives you access to rare and pricey materials for weapon upgrades. This side dungeon is one of the riskier ones in the early and mid-game, therefore it is best handled once you have excellent gear and strong stats. The Sellia Crystal Tunnel has more treasures than any other tunnel you have possibly found so far, but you will have to work for them. The Fallingstar Beast is one of the most challenging tunnel bosses outside of Altus Plateau.


To enter the sellia tunnel in the Elden ring, players must first be informed of where the sellia doe’s crystal tunnel is. On the north side of the Sellia, in the Caelid region of the Elden Ring, is the town of Sorcery, which is where one may find the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. To reach there, the players must adhere to the directions on the provided Elden Ring world map.

How to win:

The fallingstar beast moves swiftly on its four legs. In order to defeat this fallingstar beast, the players will need to use fury and spirit ashes. The head of the fallingstar beast is its weak point, thus players should be aware of this. The beast of the fallingstar will launch a devastating attack. Therefore, “dodging and running away” is the only method to escape the fallingstar beast. The fallingstar beast will repeat its attack three times, therefore the players must use extreme caution and moderation.