The realm of board games has shifted completely to the mobile segment in the past few years. The classic factor of board games has kept them alive through the age of digital disruption starting from the 80s. At present, you will find most players enjoying board games on their portable devices. 

Board games are easy to play, and everyone can learn them in their idle time; all it takes is a few basic steps. Due to this fact, Ludo became one of the best apps in the app store in 2021 if you have not already got the Ludo App on your device. 

Let’s check out these board game apps that suit Android and iOS devices and give you the best experience of casual gaming.

MPL Ludo

MPL Ludo is one of the best interpretations of the classic Ludo game. In the app store, MPL has amassed top ratings and amazing reviews from hundreds of players who have come across the app. The game offers crisp graphics and excellent gameplay, much better than the other variants of Ludo. You can relax while playing this game and take some time off of your work to freshen up with a quick match with a random opponent on the internet. The new rivals and challenges you face are interesting and best suited for people looking for simple entertainment and something light to do in their free time. MPL has also introduced a new mode for the game, Ludo Win, where you can play Ludo like never before. This Ludo variant is fast-paced, which is why it is extremely popular on the internet. If you do not have the Ludo App yet, you should download it right away by visiting their website or the app store.

Catan Universe

Catan Universe is a very modern board game held in high regard by board game players. Catan acts as a bridge between the games of today and the ancient board games. The game is played among individuals who commit their actions in striving to dominate the island of Catan. The player who settles in the heart of Catan the earliest is declared the winner of the game. The game is available for Android and iOS devices and runs smoothly on both platforms. The rules for the game are not that hard to learn and quite easy to grasp for anyone at any age.


Yes, you read that right! Pandemic is the name of this board game, and you play here as a savior of humankind. Up To four players can play the game of Pandemic, and if the numbers fall, the game becomes a bit boring. In the game, you have to eliminate diseases around the world and research cures for the affected population. Even if it sounds a bit complex, the game is quite easy. Curing the disease is a fun exercise you could do by taking on several roles in the game to accomplish small tasks that lead you to the final goal.

The mobile version of Pandemic is still in solo mode, so you have to take on the roles of the other players to play the game. The remarkable thing about the game is that it is fun even when you play on your own. It would be best if the newer version included a multiplayer version so players could enjoy the game with other people online.


Tokaido is another game you can play casually on your phone in the comfort of your house. In this game, the player takes on the role of a traveler on a journey through the regions of ancient Japan. The route and adventures of the players change according to the decisions they take along their journey in the game. What makes the game an exception to the list is that a journey game has to be very visually oriented. This makes Tokaido more fun to play on the phone screen than the actual board game because the animations augment your experience. The rules are really simple, and it only depends on you making the decisions for your character. The online version on Android and iOS supports up to four players at a time for a single game, so it is even more interesting to watch them make decisions and commit to their different journeys.

Love Letter

If you’re bored with poker and other card games that force you to think a lot about your moves, then you must try this card game. The strategy revolving around this game is centered around really easy methods, so you do not have to remember a lot of stuff while playing your turns. The entire game is played with 16 cards, and during each turn, you have to play with the card you draw. The game’s objective is to win the love of the princess, and you have to do so by outplaying all the opponents that are also in the process of becoming her perfect suitor. The quickness of the game is its unique selling point, and you can play a match anywhere to get a minute distraction from long work hours. The game allows you to play in both modes, against the AI and online players, where you will go up against 3 rivals.

Final Words

In this busy world, casual board games are the way to go as far as mobile games are concerned. People rarely have the time to invest their minds in long strategic games after spending long hours at work. The ones on this list set you off perfectly during your past time and run smoothly on every Android and iOS device.