The ragdoll cat is not like the average cat. There are many amazing things about them. However, they need to be provided with all that they need to thrive. One major area of concern should be the space where they would live.

It has to be in the right state and shape. This is a very important step in making sure your feline companion is happy and healthy. For more on this subject, you can visit:

This information is especially very important for those that have ragdoll kittens. This is because they are at a very delicate stage and need nothing short of the right environment to thrive. So, this article will shed more light on this.

Creating the Right Environment for Your Ragdoll Cat

Some of the things that can help your ragdoll cat settle well include the following:

A Cat’s Safe Space

This is where your feline creature gets to be what s/he is – a cat; to the fullest extent. It has to be cat-proof and equipped with things that make the area a refuge. There are 3 major reasons why it is important to have it in your home.

The first reason is so that your feline companion feels comfortable. As stressed earlier, it has to be well equipped to meet its need. Other than this, distraction should be reduced in this place.

It is a well-known fact among feline lovers that ragdolls love company and fanfare. But even at that, they need some privacy and calm sometimes. This is why the safe space should be able to guarantee them this.

The second reason is to protect other parts of the house from your cat. As intelligent as they are, ragdolls can be destructive out of curiosity. So, there is the need to make the home cat-proof. However, creating a befitting safe space will reduce the urge to explore other parts of the house.

The third reason is to keep your feline companion safe. For instance, your pet can get injured if it goes too close to the fireplace. Having established the need to have a good safe space, some of the things that should be in this space include the following:

Litter Box

Hygiene is very important and a litter box helps keep proper hygiene. It is strongly recommended that you do not make your cats share a litter box. This is if you have more than one cat.

Water and Food Bowl

You should know that ragdoll cats are not shy with food. They are one of those feline breeds that have a high appetite. And about that, you should be careful feeding them.

This has to do with giving them the right meals and not giving them more than they should have. This is so that you avoid health complications like obesity and diabetes.

Having established this, the space should have a water and food bowl that is clean. We suggest that you have 2 water bowls in the space. This is so that there will be a spare if/when your cat pours the water in one bowl away. This is something that happens a lot with kittens.

Scratcher (Pole)

This one is more important than many people think. So, you should not undermine its importance.

The essence of the scratcher is to keep the cat’s nails healthy, help it with territory marking, express emotions, and a few other things. So, you should make sure the safe space does not lack this necessary item.


You do not need to go overboard to get a bed for your ragdoll. This is because they are not too demanding in this regard. It is even likely that yours prefers lying down on the scratcher.

All you need is a well-sized box with a clean and soft blanket placed inside. This is unless you are bent on spending big getting a bed.

Cat Carrier

Well, you might not have to keep the cat carrier in this space but this can prove helpful. It could make the feline more comfortable and used to the carrier.


Toys are a must-have for this feline breed. This is especially if you do not have all the time in the world to spend with them. There are many options that you can get.

We suggest that you go for something that would arouse your feline companion’s curiosity. You should also consider toys that will help you bond better with your feline companion. This would include options that can be used to play the fetching game.

Respect Their Space

The cat’s safe space discussed above should be treated as sacred. For instance, you should not bring another animal into this area. This is even though this breed is very accommodating. You need to respect this part of the house as it is a key to making your ragdoll feel comfortable there.

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Do Not Abandon Them There

This part of the house is your feline companion’s refuge and not a prison. So, you should take out the time to play with your cat in this area. Allow it to cuddle and do all the safe things that cats are allowed to do in this part. This will help it find the area more conducive.

Another reason you should not abandon your ragdoll is for close monitoring. This breed is so full of life and has a lot up its sleeve.

This means that it can be involved in some mischief that would go on without your timely intervention. So, always check up on your feline companion. For more on how mischievous this feline breed could be, you can check here.

On a Final Note

Creating the right environment is very important for owners and prospective owners of ragdoll cats. This is why subjects bothering on this have been discussed here. Now that you know about creating the right environment, we advise that you make this happen for your beloved feline companion.