Straw hats from the toquilla palm plant have gained immense popularity in the last few years. It’s because the palm is durable and flexible and has been used for many years by indigenous individuals of regions that require protection from the sun’s rays. Most straw hats are hand woven by individuals hailing from Ecuador. These hats have UPF certification of 50 plus and thus give you the highest protection and block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Sun protection is a matter of concern for individuals residing in hot regions. Hence, investing in straw hats will never go to waste. 

  • Why straw hats? 

Straw hats are the ultimate sun protection and fashionable instruments in the summer months. It is known for its outstanding design and the way it complements different summer clothing. Straw hats with high ventilation are available in various methods and materials. Hence, they keep the head cool and safe from the sun’s harsh rays. These summer hats are slowly setting the fashion trend and have become the must-have accessory for the summer months. To create a unique and original style, you must experiment with many categories of straw hats. 

  • Your choice of material

You must choose the material wisely. Since a wide variety of straw hats are available in the market, the material is one of the deterministic factors. Some of the common materials used for manufacturing straw hats are listed below: 

  • Raffia: Straw hats coming from this material are packable and crushable. These are easy to maintain and can get crushed inside the trolley. 
  • Toquilla straw: Conventional Panama hats come from tequila palm plants. It is natural and durable. 
  • Twisted paper: Twisted paper is another common material used for making a straw hat. It is lightweight, cost-effective, and strong. 
  • Felt wool: Made by rolling and pressing wool felt, this material is available in multiple colors. Felt wool is one of the most durable and inexpensive options available in the market.
  • Your choice of weave makes the difference

The weave of straw hats is another area to anticipate while selecting the hat. The straws are interconnected together tightly. The tighter the weave, the better the quality will be. Hence, when selecting the headwear, you must see whether it is hand woven or machine constructed. 

  • The beach straw hat says a lot

When talking about the straw hat, you must understand the different categories. The beach hat is one of the clear choices before you. These have a wide brim and provide a maximum shade as they cover your shoulder and face and are lightweight. Women prefer beach hats because it complements their bikini look. 

  • Straw baseball hats are a strong style statement

Straw hat are a classic accessory. You may wear it in the summer months. Straw hats are a must for sports events where baseball caps come into the forte. Baseball caps are available in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, the vast array of colors helps you combine baseball caps with almost any casual outfit. 

  • Fedora straw headwear screams style

Fedora hats are the most-loved headwear in the straw hat family. These come with a wide brim and have a pinched crown. These are also a favorite choice among hat wearers. Individuals who know about headwear understand fedora hats because they are a standard option. These hats are available in different patterns, textures, sizes, and shapes. Hence, it will be wise to choose fedora hats for any occasion and season. 

How to keep it well protected? 

Now comes the maintenance part. Straw hats come from natural fiber, and thus you have to take care after wearing them. The dye, weave, and overall finish can wither away if you do not take maintenance seriously. Whenever you wear straw hats, you must dry them under the fan and then store them in a dry and clean place. If you desire to ensure that the beauty and authenticity stay in place, you must be serious about its maintenance. Remember that hats can last long, provided you take care of them. Never allow any moisture to build up; try to store it in hat boxes. There are various sizes of hat boxes available in the market. You can select the one that matches your head size. 

When storing the headwear, you must keep it upside down so there is no pressure on the crown. On the other hand, you have to place a cotton cloth inside the dome, so it does not lose its shape. Never crush the material because it might lose its shape. Travel hat boxes are the best options for storing the hats because it works best. If your head gets damp in the rain, you can use a hair dryer to do away with the moisture for protect your hat.