Pests are not human companions. They are not meant to obey your command, bump their head into you showing affection, or wag their tail around everywhere. These creatures can cause damage to human health and property. This is why the importance of pest eradication from your housing property turns out to be important. How can such a minute creature cause harm to me? By no means do they look harmful, but anyways, pests are known to carry around diseases and contaminate places with destructive health measures. In the case of termites and cockroaches, the health effects might vary from rashes to allergies or even asthma. Pests can also destroy your property by weakening the exoskeleton of your house. This also leaves an adverse effect on the pricing of your property (which goes down massively). Thus, contacting Austin pest control services will help you find proper help for yourself.

What are the few common residential pests?

There are a wide variety of pests present, and most of them are capable of causing you harm. Thus, identification along with precaution is necessary.

* Wasps

* Rats

* Termites

* Ants 

* Spiders 

* Cockroaches 

* Mosquitoes 

* Flies

* Bed bugs

These are the most common pests found in an average infected household. These creatures should be dealt with precision, as their growing population can mean destruction for you.

A few DIY methods to keep pests away from my property

If things start to go bad, contacting a pest control service is the best thing that you can do. They will provide you with all the necessary solutions required for the eradication of such problematic creatures. However, a few DIY tricks to control the pest population at your place are:

1. Using a solution of equal parts water and vinegar and spraying it all around your house will make you witness a drop in pest activities.

2. Lime also acts as a natural pest repellent. Using a solution made up of lime juice and water can help you eradicate a proportion of pests from your house.

3. Creating a mixture of water and boric acid can do wonders for you. This solution, if sprayed upon surfaces with pest activities, will dramatically help in their eradication from your property. 


Yes, you can opt to go for DIY methods to deal with pests. However, the presence of a professional pest control service by your side will be beneficial for the process of eradication. The faster it gets done, the better.