PUBG LITE Season 1


PUBG LITE Season 1 will begin with the start of the Open Beta service of PUBG LITE.

Here is what the season’s schedule looks like: 

  • Season period: August 8th to October 10th (before patch update)
  • Season end: October 3rd
  • Reward period: October 3rd to October 10th (before patch update)

Players have a week to receive the season rewards. If players fail to redeem the rewards during the stated time, they will lose their opportunity to claim the rewards at all.

There are two major content updates in this Season. 


New Survival Point System where players who play the game more will be compensated with more rewards. Players who win the game will also receive more rewards. (System Rewards, Title Rewards)


New LITE PASS system where players can gain more XP by completing the missions. Also, we added a new LITE PASS: a Premium system where players can also receive instant level up passes and more exclusive items. 

The details are as follows: 
  • New Survival Point System (Survival Point, “SP”) 
  • Season 1 of the new Survival Point System will begin on August 8th. 
  • If a player does not play the game after the Season 1 starts, the player will be left untitled. If they play the game at least once, they will start above 1 SP. 
  • Players who put effort into playing PUBG will gradually earn better titles. 
  • The Specialist title and titles lower than Specialist (Beginner, Novice, Experienced, and Skilled) are divided into five tiers (V, IV, III, II, I). 
  • Higher titles like Expert, Survivor, and Lone Survivor will not be separated into more tiers. SPs for those titles is dependent on players’ skills and time investment such as higher ranks and kill counts.

SP acquired in each mode (solo, duo, and squad) have the same value. Efficiency in SP acquisition in each mode has been adjusted to prevent players from being concentrated into one specific mode.   

All Titles

  • Added Lone Survivor Title 
  • How to gain the Lone Survivor title 
  • The Lone Survivor title is the final title and only given to the top 1,000 players titled who obtained the Survivor. 
  • The Lone Survivor title is special in that it requires consistent effort to maintain the title until the end of Season 1.  
  • Improvements have been made on the leaderboard for players with the Lone Survivor title. 
  • The Lone Survivor player status will be updated on the leaderboard every two hours.

Rewards for Survival Point System

Two different rewards are going to be provided: 


  • A reward system is added for players who worked hard to acquire the titles.
  • Players will be given rewards based on their highest titles acquired regardless of the modes (solo/duo/squad) or perspectives (TPP/FPP) that they played. 
  • The reward can be claimed from October 2nd when Season 1 ends until October 10th. 


  • A reward system is added for players based on their highest titles acquired regardless of the modes (solo/duo/squad) or perspectives (TPP/FPP) that they played.
  • New Pass System (LITE PASS: Free, LITE PASS: Premium and missions)

As we start the new Season 1 for both PASS and MISSION, we’ve tried to add as many rewards as possible that we will go on for 8 weeks known as “PUBG LITE SEASON1”.

New Pass System – LITE PASS: PREMIUM

  • Players can instantly start playing the PREMIUM pass after purchasing it from the “STORE”
  • Purchase period:  UTC 2019.08.08 ~ 2019.09.30
  • Players’ levels will not be reset with the LITE PASS purchase, even after the purchase of the pass, players can still receive the items they previously obtained.

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