New Items

new items pubg lite

Collector’s Crate:

  • A crate that consists of unique outfits.
  • Period: August 8th ~ 29th
  • Price: 1EA – 60LC / 10EA – 540LC

Special Crate:

  • A crate that consists of weapon and vehicle skins.
  • Period: August 8th ~ 29th
  • Price: 1EA – 60LC / 10EA – 540LC

Single items

  • You can immediately purchase permanent items by purchasing single items individually.
  • Wild Gunman Leather Jacket: 600 LC
  • Wild Gunman Bell-Bottoms: 400 LC
  • Wild Gunman Shoes: 250 LC
  • Master of the Land Parachute: 200 LC
  • Wild Desert Glasses (Punk): 250 LC
  • Other monetized items:
  • Premium Pass: 400 LC
  • Premium Pass Plus (Premium PASS + 25LV up Ticket): 1,100 LC
  • 1LV UP Ticket: 60 LC
  • 5LV UP Ticket: 300 LC
  • 20LV UP Ticket: 1,200 LC
  • 30LV UP Ticket: 1,530 LC
  • 50LV UP Ticket: 2,400 LC
  • 2x BP Booster(1Day): 60 LC
  • Nickname change: 330 LC


Network/Client Optimization

  • Optimizing Network
  • Optimized the vehicle and parachute control
  • Enhanced the match-making system (server performance) 
  • Players in each region will be matched depending on their optimization level. 

This is an area influenced by each individual’s network environment so please be understanding even if you’re not able to actually notice the change.

Optimizing Client

  • Added “Light Off” option to the lower option
  • Players with the standard of on-board graphic card of 30~40 FPS will be able to get 50~60 FPS after selecting the lower option.
  • Players can click Light ON/OFF button in Settings.
  • Players should optimize according to their own PC environment needs.
  • Balance adjustment – increased the spawn rate of flare gun

To fulfill the players’ excitement over the flare gun, we’ve adjusted as increasing the spawn rate up.

  • Added L-COIN
  • L-COIN is a new in-game currency within LITE

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