No matter if it’s your very first pet or one in a long line of companion animals, introducing them to your home can be a challenge. Each pet has its own personality and will react unexpectedly, which is why it is so important to be prepared for all eventualities. Your new pet won’t understand what’s happening around them and will most likely be experiencing high levels of fear until they have settled into their new surroundings. If you are searching for a way to make this process smoother for both your pet and yourself, take a look at these tips.

Prepare a Place Just for Them

Before your new pet arrives, find somewhere in your home where you can set up a space where they can spend time alone if necessary. While you will most likely want to interact with your pet as they settle in, they will still need some time to adjust on their own. A spare bedroom or bathroom is usually the best for this purpose. If given the chance, bring an item of your clothing to the new pet’s foster home or shelter so that they can grow accustomed to your scent before the adoption day. When they finally reach your home, this item can also reassure them of familiarity in an uncertain place.

Soothe Any Existing Pets

If you already have pets in your home, they will eventually need to feel comfortable with the new arrival. You can prepare them for this by bringing home one or two of the new pet’s toys in advance so they can get used to their scent. Search for a vet Des Moines WA has in service and ask about the possible methods of calming your pet ahead of the introduction. Cats, for example, can respond well to soothing pheromone plug-ins. These simple measures can make the introduction of a new pet smoother and simpler.

Maintain Supervision

Whenever your new pet is exploring a different part of your home or interacting with another pet, make sure that you are present and paying attention. It isn’t always obvious what your pet might be thinking or feeling about the situation, so it’s best to be cautious and not leave them alone until they have fully settled in. Fights could break out between existing pets and new pets, and you will need to be there to break them up.

Share Attention

Sometimes existing pets can be neglected when the novelty of the new pet overshadows their needs. Make sure that you give as much love and attention to your older pets even when helping your new pet settle in. Ignoring your existing pets can make them resent the new pet for taking you away, causing damage to an already uneasy relationship.

Have Patience

It takes time to see progress, and no two animals will have the same reaction. Let your new pet go at their own pace and feel at home by exploring slowly over days, weeks, and months.