The latest stage of restoration of the Cuyahoga River (Ohio, USA) included the demolition of the Sheraton Mill and Le Fiver dams, which previously supplied hydroelectric power to a booming local industry. Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers with underwater equipment were used to implement the project.

The demolition of the dams was carried out quickly and efficiently by RiverReach Construction, a natural spring and wetland restoration specialist.

For advice on the choice of hammers, RiverReach Construction specialists turned to Columbus Equipment, which is the official representative of Atlas Copco. The heavy duty Atlas Copco HB 3100 hammer and the more compact Atlas Copco SB 552 were chosen. Compressed air was supplied by an Atlas Copco XAS 185 compressor to keep water out of the hammers.

The 12 m long, 3 m high Sheraton Mill dam was to be demolished first.

With this hammer, “windows” were made in the dam to release the trapped water. As a result, the water level behind the dam gradually dropped. The dam was then demolished using a powerful HB 3100, which was mounted on a 360-cwt excavator. A day later, the dam was demolished.

Next in line was the Le Fiver dam, 27.4 m long and almost 4 m high, holding a large volume of water. The river access was completed by RiverReach and the operator was able to get to work from downstream. Since the barge was not needed, the task was completed in a short time.

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